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Susan Lankford


Susan Lankford founded S. E. Lankford & Company in 1991, following apprenticeship with a master upholsterer. Her formal education in the physical sciences informs her understanding of acoustics, materials properties, and mechanics; and her woodworking skills have expanded her capabilities as an upholsterer. 

Susan often works alone, giving direct oversight to all aspects of an installation. However, she calls upon skilled colleagues when a crew is needed, making "& Company" a reality.

S. E. Lankford & Company has evolved in 30 years of operation, as has interior design. Traditional upholstery is still the appropriate approach in some settings. However, contemporary design requires crisp, clean terminations and new materials and techniques. We're grounded in a tradition of craftsmanship in which materials must be matched by skill, but over time we've incorporated more and more carpentry and an expanded array of upholstery systems. A new challenge, material, or technique is always welcome. We enjoy collaborating with design and construction professionals to create the best possible result for our clients.

We love the Bay Area but are happy to travel.

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