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On-site wall upholstery: traditional or contemporary styling using both handcrafted and prefabricated materials (track systems)

Off-site production and upholstery of moveable pieces

Direct application of leather and select materials

Acoustical guidance

Antique interior linings, on or off-site: drawers, breakfronts, bookcases, & cabinets


Consultation and collaboration with designers, architects, contractors, and tradespeople to create optimal outcomes

Installation of FilzFelt products


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Our work is to realize the design professional’s vision in textiles. 

It's that simple.


We plan carefully, consult and collaborate with others, and work concertedly to create detailed installations that meet or exceed the high standards of our designers and their clients.

”The divine and the devil both dwell in the details.” 

Work that looks belabored is badly done, but work that looks simple and effortless shows a mastery of craft.

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